Emotional Release

Today, I’d like to address a topic that isn’t always discussed with clients. That topic is massage therapy and emotional release. Having an emotional release on the massage table is a very similar experience to smelling someone’s perfume in a grocery store. It can elicit fond memories of a loved one who used to wear it. As a result, an emotional release may occur.

Just as the brain links our sense of smell to memory, your mind may associate the injury, knot, or dysfunction with the event that led up to it. Additionally, tissues being worked on may cause you to experience the emotions you have associated with the area.

For example, if you experience a traumatic car accident that leaves you with a sore neck, you may find that you feel an unexplained fear of or have intense thoughts about your accident when your massage therapist begins neck work. Additionally, this can happen with grief, divorce, or any other high-stress life event. As a result, you may find yourself feeling very sad. You may begin to cry. A bout of sudden irritability or fear may come upon you. Finally, you may even find yourself feeling ticklish or unable to handle the pressure you may normally enjoy.

My Personal Experiences With Emotional Release

I myself, have had an emotional release on the table more than once. On the most recent occasion, I had just finished a very difficult and unwanted move. I absolutely loved my previous home. A adored that place and loved living in it. Now, the one I found myself in was a home I liked a great deal less.

I had an appointment for a massage with tuning fork therapy. During the middle of the tuning forks, I began to cry. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I hated the events of the previous two months. We took a break from the tuning forks and I was able to feel good enough to finish them at the end of my massage. Even though a move doesn’t feel like it should be such a big deal, I carried the stress of it in my body. Consequently, that experience was accessed during my appointment, rather unexpectedly.

It is very important to understand that an emotional release is normal and so are your reactions. As massage therapists, we receive training regarding the emotional release and you should not feel embarrassed in any way. You can ask for a tissue, or to stop the massage. Additionally, you can request that a different area receive focus or you may choose to continue the massage with no changes. Whatever your experience is, or how you choose to continue is right and normal and should be entirely on your terms.

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