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Silver State Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage offers the best massage therapy in Reno. We specialize in strength-focused flexibility improvement, muscular tension relief, spinal pain relief, and more. If you’re looking for a massage therapist in Reno, look no further than Silver State Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage.

Founded in January of 2020, we decided it was time to offer massage therapy services to the people of Reno with a strong focus on deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, geriatric massage, and more. We knew there was a need for massage therapy with a focus on both pain management and relaxation.

At Silver State Deep Tissue, we’re proud to dedicate our massage therapy focus where it is needed most – physical conditions such as arthritis, limited range of motion in both hips and shoulders, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and those suffering from various physical disabilities.

If you’re in need of a massage therapist who can offer you the pain relief and stress relief you need, Silver State Deep Tissue is here to answer the call!

Axli Malsack of Silver State Deep Tissue in Reno, NV

About Axli Malsack

I first became interested in massage as a teenager, when a friend was going through massage school and I got to look through her anatomy books and homework. At 18, I joined the military as a combat medic and further explored my interest in how the human body works.

When I was discharged, I still felt a strong curiosity about massage and decided to go for it! I graduated in 2011, from a small school in the town of Killeen, Tx. Beginning as an out-call massage therapist, I worked mostly on soldiers stationed at the nearby base of Fort Hood and I enjoyed this because I felt I had a good understanding of what their most common aches and pains were and how to help alleviate them.

When I came to Nevada in 2014, I furthered my education. Later, I worked for the massage chain Massage Envy for several years. Here I learned the inner workings of a spa setting and excelled.

Eventually, I wanted to strike out on my own, so I could offer a wider variety of treatments to my clientele. Additionally, I longed to spend more time focusing on the therapeutic side of massage therapy. In January of 2020, I took the plunge. Soon, I was officially the owner of Silver State Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage!

With the support of friends, family, and of course my wonderful clients, I was able to build my business up quickly. Why? Because I love helping people, meeting new clients, and forming bonds with my returning clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much pressure should I ask for during my massage?

At Silver State Deep Tissue, we typically measure our massage on a scale of 1-10. For example, a score of 1/10 is basically skin deep. This type of massage therapy is recommended for Reno residents looking for lymphatic movement.

On the other hand, a score of 5/10 would entail focussing on and pressing into muscle knots. Additionally, we would place focus on problem areas of your choice. However, we would not apply but enough pressure to cause much discomfort. Most of our clients enjoy an 8/10 pressure. Personally, I seek to identify and reduce dysfunction, often pressing hard or using my body weight to access problems areas.

I describe a 10/10 as someone who has years worth of damage to an area of the body (often shoulders, hips, thighs) and can withstand a fairly constant pain level. People desiring this type of pain are either long-time pain sufferers, those who work out on a regular basis, and people who are active and perform strenuous work on a consistent basis.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If this is your first venture into the world of massage therapy, you can always start with light pressure. Then, if you feel you would benefit from increased pressure and a wider variety of massage therapy technics, feel free to let me know during your session. We’re here for you and we’re always happy to make adjustments to you’ll see the greatest benefit from your massage with Silver State Deep Tissue.

How much do I need to disrobe for my massage?

Any massage therapist worth their salt can work around your comfort level. That goes for both men and women receiving massages at Silver State Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage in Reno. With that said, I do not touch underwear at any time. If you wear a bra, I am perfectly able to work around it. In fact, I’m not allowed to unhook it by law.

However, please note that the choice to remain clothed to any degree may result in a lesser massage therapy experience. Consequently, tt may not feel as complete a massage if we are unable to touch your mid-back. Similarly, if you desire work on your hamstrings or IT bands, wearing long boxers or underwear means that I can only press into the area through the sheets. In other words, I cannot and will not place my hands underneath or on top of your underwear. As a result, you can and should expect that less attention will be paid to these areas. However, if this is your preference, we’re happy to do what is necessary to make you feel comfortable.

Choosing to be nude under the sheets is absolutely fine. In fact, it is our preference as we’re able to do our very best job when clothing is not restricting or constricting your body and our movements. Please know that I will never expose anything that one-piece bathing would not cover.

Can I receive a massage on a regular basis?

Of course you can! In fact, we recommend regular massage therapy to all of our patients. Scheduling regular massage therapy sessions is great for your health and wellbeing. Regular massage can also help increase mobility, reduce muscle soreness, and assist in pain management.

So how often should you schedule your massage therapy sessions with Silver State Deep Tissue? Well, that’s really up to you. We have patients who come in weekly. We have others who come in monthly. It’s really up to you, your needs, your budget, and your availability.

If possible, we suggest booking a session at least once a month to maintain the best results. The more we work your body, the better your results will be. This is especially true for patients suffering from certain conditions, as they may be more sensitive during their initial sessions and may enjoy bodily relaxation as sessions continue. If you’d like to get more information about what type of massage therapy schedule would be best for you, please talk to your massage therapist and, if necessary, your doctor. Together, we can collectively determine the best course of action for you.

What should I do with my hair during my massage?

Wearing a ponytail or simply leaving your hair down is perfectly fine. Typically, I find that hair buns interfere with the head resting in a natural position. Some hair types are different than others. As such, different methods of holding your hair my be suggested depending on length, etc.

As I perform neck work, if you have to have to wear your hair neat and tidy post-massage, let me know. I can adjust the technique I use during your massage to ensure your hair is disturbed as little as possible. We also have a restroom at your disposal should you need to clean up after your massage therapy session.

What does the massage therapy intake process look like?

During your written intake, you will be asked a number of questions about your health and well being. It is important to answer honestly and with as much detail as possible. The more information you tell us about, the better experience you’ll have at Silver State Deep Tissue.

For example, if I know you have had recent dental work, you suffer from an autoimmune condition, or you sustained a recent injury, it may not mean that you cannot receive massage. However, knowing your medications and health conditions can teach me how to better work on you!

Additionally, the collection of this information (along with having a discussion about your background and expectations) will allow you to experience the best massage that we can possibly provide. Of course, all the information you provide to us is kept private.

What would I require a doctor's note for in order to receive massage?

Most people seeking to get a massage at Silver State Deep Tissue do not require a doctor’s note. However, some patients might.

For example, any patient with a cardiovascular condition that requires medication or is severely acute may require a doctor’s note to clear them for massage. Additionally, patients taking blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin or Warfarin should have their doctor clear them for massage therapy.

Additionally, patients diagnosed with most types of cancers will require a doctor’s approval to clear them for massage therapy. Other disorders that may require clearance include uncontrolled diabetes, patients with epilepsy, and those who are prone to seizures. If you have COPD, you should also ask your doctor if massage therapy is right for you.

Finally, anyone who is currently pregnant, who has recently had surgery of any kind, suffered an injury, or been in an accident should always seek doctor approval before booking a massage with Silver State Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage.

What medical information should I disclose before my massage?

Any MAJOR accidents, injuries or surgeries should be disclosed before you get a massage. Additionally, active medical conditions, warts, athletes foot or fungal infections of any kind, current medications you’re taking, etc.

Furthermore, please disclose any allergies you have; whether topical or oral. Hot or cold sensitivity (heat stroke and hypothermia especially) should be mentioned as well. Ultimately, this is all to ensure that you have the best, healthiest, most positive massage therapy experience possible.

And please remember, many medical conditions will not exclude you from receiving massage therapy. In fact, very few will completely exclude you. However, it is important for me to know these things so that I can best meet your massage therapy needs and expectations.

What areas will my massage therapist work on?

At Silver State Deep Tissue, we happily work on nearly every area from head to toe. With only a few things off-limits, we work any area you request we focus on. We work on as much as a one-piece bathing suit would cover on a human female. On a male, we work on areas that would be covered outside of swim shorts or thong bathing suits. This means that we do not expose your genitals, breast tissue, or nipples at any time.

I have an STI. Can I still receive a massage? If so, are there any restrictions I sh?

YES! However, please let us know when booking your appointment what your condition is like on a regular basis. Rarely, some secondary symptoms may exclude you from massage for your safety and ours. However, STIs like HIV and AIDS are not an automatic contraindication to enjoying the benefits of massage therapy. In fact, massage offers many health benefits for those with various STIs. The best thing you can do is to be honest. This is for your safety and comfort.

What should I do if I begin to feel uncomfortable during my massage therapy session?

Never be afraid to speak up! Ever! Should you feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable at any time, please let me know. I can adjust your position, change my pressure, move to a new area of your body, or stop the massage altogether. No judgment! At Silver State Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage, your comfort is the top priority and we’re here to make your Reno massage therapy experience the best in town.

Can I get a massage after I've been drinking alcohol?

Licensed massage therapists often refuse to work with clients who are visibly intoxicated. While we can work with customers who have had a glass of wine but are not drunk, experts recommend that you wait at least four hours after drinking alcohol before getting a massage. Combining massage and alcohol have been shown to dehydrate the body. Beyond the negative health effects of dehydration, massage on an intoxicated person can intensify hangover symptoms the day following.

Additionally, alcohol travels through your bloodstream. Because massage increases circulation, This means that alcohol hits your bloodstream more quickly and remains there longer. During their session, massage therapists have noted that tipsy clients become more inebriated as a result. This can lead to a lessened pain response, and while this seems like it would facilitate further relaxation, it also means that your body has an increased chance of injury because you may not be able to discern when to ask your therapist to lighten the pressure, limit the stretch or move to another area.

Can I be massaged before, during or after taking muscle relaxers or pain meds?

Much like consuming alcohol before your massage, taking muscle relaxers, pain meds, and other related types of medication is not advised. The general rules regarding alcohol also apply to pain killers, muscle relaxers, and other intoxicating substances.

In the case of cannabis, there is just not enough data to show whether the same effects are true. Therefore, we are expected to treat cannabis as if it has the same negative effects. If you are visibly intoxicated or smell of cannabis smoke when you show up to a massage, your massage therapist will most likely refuse to see you at that time. In other words, your best bet is to wait until after your massage to indulge in recreational cannabis, or to take pain altering medication.

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